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    Radical Imagination: design inspired by collective creativity

    February 25 @ 10:30 am - 2:30 pm


    In this hands-on workshop, as part of Future Network, join Ramona Zadissa (they/them) where you’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with other participants to construct designs based on Islamic geometry to embrace a new form of intimacy through collaborative creativity and collective learning. 

    Together we will explore the hidden mathematical concepts behind the intricate patterns of Islamic art, where mathematics, spirituality, and aesthetics converge seamlessly.  

    This workshop draws inspiration from Sophie K Rosa’s book Radical Intimacy, questioning societal expectations and capitalist ideologies prescribing a singular path to fulfilment. In the spirit of radical imagination, we challenge conventional norms and embrace a new form of intimacy through collaborative creativity and collective learning.  

    During the workshop you will focus on the creative process of creating work together, while learning a new technique. Participants will create artworks, that might disappear/ aren’t lasting, and create Islamic geometric designs on large rolls of paper, creating something together.  

    This workshop isn’t just about learning the basics of Islamic geometric design; it’s a call to reimagine our relationship with art, society, and ourselves. 

    What is Islamic Geometric design?

    The geometric designs in Islamic art are often built on combinations of repeated squares and circles, which may be overlapped and interlaced, as can arabesques (with which they are often combined), to form intricate and complex patterns.  

    About Ramona Zadissa

    Ramona Zadissa (they/them) is a creative freelancer, passionate about community engagement, collaborative learning, skill sharing, and curious about ways to make this world a colourfully brilliant place for all. 

    Strong Bonds for a Fragile Planet

    Strong Bonds for a Fragile Planet will bring together artists and curious people through walks, talks, dinners and workshops to consider what we need at a time when the world feels fragile in many ways. 

    Inspired by ideas from the book ‘Radical Intimacy’ by Sophie K. Rosa, Strong Bonds for a Fragile Planet will explore the themes of home and refuge, the idea of rest and solidarity, community and connection through a varied series of events. 

    Strong Bonds for a Fragile Planet will take place as a selection of WALKS, TALKS, DINNERS and WORKSHOPS with plenty of ways to get involved. 

    You can find out more about the programme here.


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